This project

The Legal Dialogue Playbook springs from the long-term activities and aims of the Legal Dialogue Programme, which has been connecting to, and providing educational opportunities for, human rights and public interest lawyers for the last five years. The Playbook looks at new trends in public interest law, as well as the new approaches taken to protecting core human rights in Europe and Russia. A great progress has been made in these nations through the shifting of policies and legislation through legal instruments. The Legal Dialogue Playbook aims to document these achievements and the struggles it took the attain them.

Nela Larysova, the Legal Dialogue Programme Lead, is a project coordinator and scientific editor of the publication. We would like to thank to Robin Munby, Irina Savelieva and Anastasiia Starchenko for the translation and editing work on the texts and Sarka Adamova for the design. The project was realised between September 2020 and April 2021.

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